How free are we Presentation


The concept of my presentation was based on the topic of “social &  the cost of free” as discussed in class. I chose this topic as I wanted to express to those how we think that we are “free” while browsing the web.

In my first slide, I discussed the concept of cookies, how pictures aren’t safe and how everything you say and do is traceable even if it has been deleted. Many people don’t realise how when you’re browsing the web or even doing some online shopping, we are more than likely being tracked by “cookies”. They are designed to store our data. Often harmless but you must be aware of “zombie cookies” and “super cookies”.

In my second slide I discussed how we think certain apps are free and how we carelessly spend more money than we should on them!

Lastly in my third slide, i wanted to focus on our digital footprints. Digital footprints can be anything such as pictures posted online, as harmless as that sounds, many hackers can gather information about you such as your birthday, name and address which can then lead to identity theft and credit card theft.